Marex Composites is part of a global organization that distributes and finishes structural core materials. Marex Composites started in 2016 and has a young venture partnership that is able to customize standard finishes by scrim, score, infusion grooved, perforated, slit and plain.

Marex finishes Maricell PVC foam material into lightweight core materials in order to meet specific customer’s needs. Marex Composites is also able to finish balsa core materials. If your company needs a finished product quickly, Marex Composites is experienced, dependable and has a short lead time.


Maricell, Quality management system is certified ISO 9001: its quality control procedures are flexible, optimized and efficiency-oriented. Optimal allocation of responsibilities and knowledge, flat organization.

We aim at top quality starting from the selection of raw materials, Suppliers are selected according to the reliability, which must be proven over time, but most of all according to the ability to work together with the Research and Development Department of Maricell on the development of new products and on the improvement of materials performance and production processes.

Single production stages undergo quality check by operatives, whereas the quality of the production process as a whole is guaranteed by a careful supervision and the cooperation of all company departments. Final Checks and chemical, physical and mechanical tests assure quality and reliability of the final products.

Raw materials undergo thorough testing and analysis before being approved and selected for production, and each delivery goes through a quality check. In our research and development we focus on sustainability, on a positive environmental impact on the safety of end users, and on a safe working environment for our staff.


Marex Composites not only customizes standard finishes for PVC structural foam but provides consumables for closed molding for the marine, automotive, wind power and aerospace industries. Our products include bagging and release film, peel ply, breather, infusion mesh, sealant tape, vacuum valves and tubing. If a consumable is not listed on our technical specifications sheet, let us know and chances are we can get it. We offer high quality products at a competitive price. If your company is looking for quality consumables, Marex is dependable and has a short lead time.


MARICELL - For over 50 years Maricell has been designing and producing PVC foam sheet core materials for composite sandwich constructions characterized by durability, strength, resistance to compression and for high processing temperatures. http://www.maricell.it


With over 40 years of experience in the balsa industry, Cobalsamanufacturing facilities are strategically located near the main plantations of balsa in the world. Their balsa is compatible with nearly all resins, high strength to weight ratios, high stiffness to weight ratios, high compressive strength and GL certified. Balsa has higher compressive strength than almost all other cores. Applications include; wind power, marine, rail and industrial. www.cobalsa.com

Sky Advanced Materials

Sky Advanced Materials, The Carbon Fiber Fabric Company is located in Budapest Hungary and managed by a professional team with experience in carbon fiber manufacturing and unique spreading technologies. They have successfully promoted excellent quality products to automobile and industrial sectors. Beyond the aim of the fabric development and production, they focus on providing technical and engineering solutions as well as professional services to their customers. www.sky-advanced.com