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Marex Composites not only customizes standard finishes for PVC structural foam but provides consumables for closed molding for the marine, automotive, wind power and aerospace industries. Our products include bagging and release film, peel ply, breather, infusion mesh, sealant tape, vacuum valves and tubing. If a consumable is not listed on our technical specifications sheet, let us know and chances are we can get it. We offer high quality products at a competitive price. If your company is looking for quality consumables, Marex is dependableand has a short lead time.

B Series-Breather and Bleeder Cloths

Non-woven Polyester Breather


High Performance
Resin Distribution Media

GF Series-Infusion Flow Media

Low profile and tight construction to quickly distribute resin

Omega Channel

Available in white and transparent colors. Handles maximum pressure

JP230 Sealant Tape

vacuum bagging sealant tape for applications up to 230C.

JP120 Sealant Tape

excellent adhesion from room-temp applications up to 120C.

JP150 Sealant Tape

vacuum bagging sealant tape for applications up to 150C.

JP180 Sealant Tape

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JP210 Sealant Tape

JP210 is vacuum bagging sealant tape for applications up to 210C

SF 150 Vacuum Bagging Film

Multilayer extruded film with high strength and elongation at break

SL 101 Release Film Perforated

Low Cost Release Film for wind energy, marine, and general composites

SL 120 Release Film Perforated

Easy to remove from most polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resin systems

SM Series-Woven Infusion Flow Media

Compatible with polyester/vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems

SP Series-Peel Ply

Designed to work in resin infusion or hand lay-up processes


Polyethylene Spiral Tubes and PE Tubes for maximum durability